Products & Materials

Our products are made with the finest quality materials, often surpassing that of our competitors on the high street. The variation in our prices reflect the ratios of wool, cashmere and silk, as well as the weave of the material.

We have a large number of materials in each range, with a great selection of patterns, colours and designs to suit the needs of every customer. As your suit is made specifically for you, unique features can be added.

3 piece classic, white, ticket pocket, notch lapel

Classic Range

The Classic Range comprises our most modestly priced materials, that offer great value for excellent quality. Consisting of super 100's wool that is durable and light weight, this range is the perfect all-rounder.

FROM £399.00


The First Class Range of materials are designed with a fine balance of silk and super 140's wool to give a luxurious feel and standout look - a great option for special occasions.

FROM £629.00

grey, business, formal, smart, tie, town, pocketsquare

navy, tonal, lining, personalised, gentlemen.


The Exclusive Range is designed with collaboration of silk, super 150's wool and cashmere to give an amazing quality cloth that stands out from the crowd. This is our most extensive collection of cloths and most popular.

FROM £740.00

blue, exclusive, luxury, slick, quality


Wool spun to create super 160’s combined with a high cashmere content creates a durable yet soft to the touch finish. This range is for those who appreciate the subtle differences in genuine quality.

FROM £849.00

summer, cotton, breathable, holiday suit


The Premium Range is the very best quality grade of material we have to offer. Super 180’s wool mixed with silk and cashmere creates a lightweight, crease resistant and incredibly silky finish.

FROM £1’055.00

materials, cashmere, tweed, herringbone, checks

Chino/camel range

The Camel/Chino Range is a selection of 100% raw cottons that are perfect for warm climates. These breathable fine materials come in a range of solid colours and can even be made into a full three piece suit. 

FROM £149.00

stripes, crease resistant, cotton, buttons, collar


Our shirts are individually tailored for you. We have a vast and diverse range of whites, colours, stripes, checks and other patterns. Our expert tailors can advise you on materials and special features to specifically match any suit.

FROM £79.00

coat, jacket, cashmere, winter, overcoat, style


Our overcoats are beautifully made using the finest 100% cashmere materials. We have several different designs that you can choose from, or if you have a particular style in mind we will happily replicate it.

FROM £540.00